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Corporate Responsibility

The training of locally recruited staff to operate and maintain the power plant is key to the long term success of the business and is given the highest priority by the company

Care of the environment and health and safety responsibilities are a priority for IM Power in all aspects of its business.


IM Power will provide 'on the job' training programmes for employees as apprenticeships to create and improve basic skills.

Advanced training programmes will be set up in conjunction with local universities and technical colleges to create programmes for higher management training.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees is a priority of our management. We strive to improve site safety and prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace by supervision and training in the appropriate skills required to operate a modern power plant.

IM Power is committed to supporting health and safety management throughout all areas of the business.

IM Power believes that each and every person is equally responsible for protecting the safety and health of themselves and their fellow workers by complying with all safety and health objectives.

The Group places the protection and welfare of all people affected by the company's activities as equal to all other business objectives.

It is also the responsibility of management to ensure that all contractors, sub-contractors and visitors to our sites understand and actively participate in and support our health and safety policies.

IM Power is committed to the responsible care of its employees, contractors, and communities.

IM Power recognises the need to work with authorities and communities to address important public health issues in many of the areas where the Group operates.


IM Power Plc is committed to minimising the impact that the company's activities have on the environment. The Company is committed to effective environmental management in all areas of the Group's business. We are working to achieve best practice in managing the environmental and social impacts of our operations.