IM Power is seeking ways to improve the energy efficiency of our power projects using technologies to achieve low or zero CO2 emissions and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Eliminating carbon from power plant operations poses a variety of challenges and the measures to achieve it vary depending on the fuel being used and the operating cycle. Recognising this, IM Power together with Siemens Plc are researching the use of a particular technology to treat CO2 from the exhaust gases of a power plant and convert it into animal feed.

We've agreed to locate a pilot plant on one of the current projects. The scaling up of the process, which already works on a laboratory rig will allow a power plant to be carbon neutral irrespective of the fuel source being used.

IM Power intends to grow its renewable energy generation business in addition to deploying innovative technologies to increase the efficiency of our power plants and proactively promote the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Our approach is to measure and analyse the emissions associated with the power projects and industrial developments to devise a way to achieve reductions in long term carbon emissions.

The essential starting point in any carbon-reduction strategy is to understand where emissions are coming from. Following the analyses we will provide a tailored strategy for the project development. For example, for the refit of existing plants, we plan to combine energy production and operational efficiency using lower carbon options and where possible on-site renewable generation.

We provide solutions for management of the grid to improve the efficiency of transmission to give cost savings in consumption 24 hours a day.

Converting assets to low carbon, energy-efficient models and investing in renewable technology  are important ways to eliminate carbon from operations. We can install renewable generation assets to directly supply the premises, backed up by reliable battery storage to ensure minimum wastage and maximise the value of the energy generation.