Environmental sustainability covers a wide range of issues including greenhouse gas mitigation, climate change, and sources of renewable energy to reduce soil erosion and improve soil quality, water management, air and water pollution.

IM Power seeks to minimise the impact on the environment, wherever we operate. This is achieved by careful analysis of the existing environment prior to the start of construction. During the design phase attention will be given to lower the impact of the plant on the environment by blending the buildings with the local habitat and contouring the surrounding landscape.

Environmental Assessment of the Projects

Before launching a development project, IM Power assesses the project and the likely impact on the environment in relation to the local environmental laws.

The location of our construction sites is usually in remote locations with sensitive environments. We are committed to understanding these environments and mitigating the impact that our operations can have on them. This means not only taking care to mitigate any adverse impacts, but also ensuring that we work alongside the local communities whose lives and livelihoods rely upon them.

We conduct assessments with regular survey visits that take into account any changes in the site location and  facilities caused by the construction operations. These surveys allow us to work closely with local communities to plan for potential impacts from our operations and implement strict internal standards and practices in line with local and international regulations.

We comply with the policies and measures of the UK government and countries in which the projects are based. In developing the coal fired projects, IM Power is working closely with the relevant Ministries on the creation of a low-carbon society, efficient power generation systems and the diversification of energy sources.

IM Power is developing coal-fired power projects in countries where there is no alternative fuel available. Our approach in these projects is to use “Best Available Technology” which at this moment is ultra-supercritical steam generating technology combined with carbon capture and re-processing to extract carbon for conversion to animal feed.

We work on the development of our renewable energy generation business in order to contribute to the transition towards a low-carbon society.