Health, Safety & Wellbeing

The health, safety and the wellbeing of our employees, contractors and communities is a priority of our management. We partner with local governments and health organisations to provide medical support through clinics for our employees, families and the local community where we operate.

We believe all incidents and work-related health risks are preventable, so we concentrate on identifying, managing and eliminating them were possible. As part of this process we provide training programmes to improve the skills required to operate a modern power plant to prevent site injuries and contamination illnesses in the workplace.


With the Covid-19 pandemic IM Power follows the UK government guidance set out in the Construction Workplace Safety Guidance) which will be modified by local regulations issued by host governments

Both employers and contractors dealing with their sub-contractors will consider if  alternative arrangements can be put into place to improve site health and safety. Possible steps include varying shift patterns (to minimise the numbers of workers on site, altering the location of rest areas and extending working hours. All processes should be documented and records maintained in a central register

IM Power Policy on Health and Safety

IM Power recognises that ensuring safe and healthy working environments for its employees and contractors working at construction sites is fundamental to the success of our business.

We conduct our business based on IM Power’s policy on Health and Safety and aiming to realise zero accidents and illnesses. In cases where our affiliates, business partners, or other contractors are not taking steps to ensure occupational health and safety, we ask them to take appropriate measures in line with IM Power’s policy.

Improvement of Work Environment

We identify sources of harm related to our business activities, to eliminate or reduce them. We also maintain and continuously improve the workplace environment by ensuring communication within the Group.

Health and Safety Management System

We build and continuously improve our occupational health and safety management system under the leadership of management.

Support for Maintaining Health

We continuously support the maintenance and promotion of health for all employees in the Group.

Laws and Regulations

We comply with laws and regulations, rules and agreements related to occupational health and safety in each country where we operate. In addition, we develop relevant internal regulations in accordance with the level of risk.

Fostering Safety Awareness through Training

We foster safety awareness by continuously providing adequate training necessary for ensuring health and safety.

Risk Assessment of Health and Safety

IM Power has established the IM Power Group Health, Safety and Environmental Policy.

IM Power established a standard code of conducts on health, safety and environment that includes prioritising safety in all operations, making efforts to achieve zero occupational accidents, and creating a culture that puts safety first.

We establish and implement appropriate health, safety, environment, and quality management systems in coordination with our operating companies and other relevant parties.

We work together with people on the project site to achieve targets by identifying project safety risks through visits by safety management experts at sites.

In addition, we are attending forums for sharing safety initiatives, distributing safety-related materials about accidents to relevant personnel.