Oil & Gas Infrastructure Integrated Projects

IM Power is developing its  Gas-to-Power business to provide a full spectrum of services for the supply of natural gas for power generation.

Through collaboration with strategic partners, IM Power is working on the development of a range of investments in oil & gas infrastructure, including Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRUs), pipelines and local gas distribution.

IM Power and partners provide long-term fuel supply contracts for both LNG and heavy fuel oil to meet the requirements of power plants. The supply of fuel is incorporated into the project at the initial development stage with storage tanks and pipelines tailored to fit the location.

Natural Gas to Power Projects

The use of domestic natural gas is the most sustainable and cost-effective solution to energy production. In any plant development the first consideration is the availability of water for cooling the turbines. Secondly, a decision has to be made on the cost of pipelines of bringing the gas to the plant versus the cost of the transmission grid to deliver the energy to the consumer. For each of these stages, IM Power provides practical solutions to ensure a reliable and efficient outcome.

IM Power - Natural Gas to Power Projects
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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) To Power Projects

Importing LNG for power generation is a major development in the global energy sector. There is an opportunity to capitalise on this with the construction of LNG fired power plants configured as combined cycle units to increase efficiency and output. IM Power and strategic partners offer both the energy plant and LNG infrastructure as well as long term fuel supply contracts to ensure energy generation for markets without indigenous fuel sources at the same time as meeting the requirements of the Paris Accord known as COP21.

Power Generation Project

combined with Floating Storage

and Regasification Units

The technology and commercial viability of floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs) has been proved in recent years. FSRUs can now present a quicker solution to the provision of gas storage and regasification facilities than alternative land-based facilities. IM Power is involved with a major company in the gas sector on the development of small / medium capacity FSRU’s with a shallower draft to allow access to coastal sites.

IM Power - Power Generation Project combined with Floating Storage and Regasification Units
IM Power - Pipelines for local gas distribution

Pipelines for local gas distribution

As part of a larger infrastructure project, IM Power and partners can provide pipelines for the transport of water, oil and oil products and gas. Pipelines can be in standard oil industry diameters, buried or surface mounted and supplied with heaters, compressors and monitoring pigs as required.