Power Generation

We bring industry expertise, knowledge and experience in Project Finance, EPC, Operation and Maintenance. Through a combination of innovation and experience, we provide solutions that enable power plants to perform efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively.

Power Generation Projects

IM Power can offer a range of energy plants with outputs from 50 MW to multiple sets generating 1,000 MW and above. At the lower end the units will be diesel powered whilst above 100 MW the units will be gas-fired turbines fitted with waste heat boilers and steam turbines to increase the output and thermal efficiency. All units are designed for long-term reliability and consistent performance over the power range. These plants can be installed with combinations of solar and wind turbines to meet the requirements of the COP21 agreement whilst also ensuring the reliable output demanded by rail electrification and metal refining industries.

Im power plc solar panels

Transmission lines and Substations

As part of the power generation project scope, IM Power provides investments in transmission lines and sub-stations to evacuate the energy to the end user. This can be a specific consumer or the national grid. The transmission lines will normally consist of a double circuit to allow for further loads to be supplied with increased power generation without effecting the stability of the system. For longer distances, the system can include high voltage direct current transmission (HGVC) to reduce the line losses.

Modernisation of the Existing Power Plants

IM Power can devise and implement investment strategies to deliver enhanced asset value, by increasing the efficiency of a power plant via equipment refurbishment plant upgrades and improved O&M schedules. To meet the requirements of COP21, coal-fired power plants can be retrofitted with equipment to capture the carbon  and process it into animal feed. This avoids the need for carbon storage and provides another revenue stream for the power plant operation. Where natural gas or LNG are available, the steam turbines can be replaced with a combined cycle gas turbine waste heat boiler and steam turbine to improve efficiency.

IM Power - Modernisation of Existing Power Plants

Retail Management Systems

To improve the efficiency of energy distribution and usage in a community IM Power Retail can provide APP based monitoring systems to monitor consumption over time periods from one hour to a month. Although designed for the individual consumer to reduce costs. This information can be combined with the gird management system to predict future demand and reduce revenue losses.

Engineering, Procurement and

Construction (EPC)

IM Power and its partners provide a full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) service as a part of the development of integrated power and industrial infrastructure projects. Consulting engineers will be appointed with specific expertise in the technology being used and will certify payments at each stage of the construction in accordance with banks and insurance requirements. The project will be managed from inception to completion by an organisation consisting of representatives of each of the partners.

IM Power - Engineering, Procurement and Construction
IM Power - Operation and Management

Operation and Management

IM Power and partners provide a full range of O&M services designed to optimize the performance of a power plant in accordance with local legislation. The O&M strategy takes into account the economic value at each stage of the life cycle of the plant and will determine the timing for planned minor and major overhauls or total refits. The O&M contract is also designed to provide an incentive for the efficient operation of the plant and to combine reliability with long operational life. At the end of the life cycle scrapping the plant is the most economic option prior to replacement with a new technology plant on a different location to reflect the changes in local demand.

Waste to Energy

Our Waste-to-Energy business is designed to process waste torecover material for recycling and then incinerate the waste that remains to produce electricity for homes and businesses. Carbon is also captured and can be reprocessed into animal food. We develop every stage of a Waste-to-Energy project, from planning and designing to building and Operation & Maintenance.


Waste-to-Energy is a renewable solution that can provide low carbon electricity as well as capture the waste heat generated during the process and utilise in the form of district heating. IM Power providing its customers with an environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions for the disposal of their general waste.