Integrated Power & Industrial Infrastructure

Through collaboration with strategic partners worldwide, IM Power is expanding its integrated power and infrastructure projects in a wide range of fields and regions, such as railway projects, ports, desalination, mining and metal industries projects in the UK, Asia and Middle East.

To achieve this, IM Power together with strategic partners with specific expertise formed a contract group (“IM Power Contract Group”) to develop large industrial infrastructure projects within a single organisation.

In each case, IM Power makes energy available as the foundation for the industrial infrastructure projects. Our experienced engineering, project management and construction teams deliver complete design, construction, start-up and operation of integrated power generation and industrial infrastructure projects.

Power and Transportation Infrastructure

The IM Power Contract Group provides complete packages of energy plant, rail track, signalling, locomotives and freight wagons. Electrification of railways is the most efficient way to move both passengers and freight, particularly containers. In addition, conversion to electric locomotives will reduce running costs and will be more reliable. With electrification the network can be expended without increases in carbon emissions and damage to the environment. Improved transport will aloo the economy to expend, creating job opportunities.

IM Power -Integrated Power and Transportation Infrastructure-min
IM Power - Integrated Power and Wastewater water treatment and desalination

Power and Wastewater treatment & Desalination plants

IM Power Contract Group provides large volume water desalination using both multiple effect distillation, driven by the turbine exhaust to give a fixed output and reverse osmosis driven by the turbines electrical output to give variable output of potable water. This allows a water company to efficiently meet the variations in daily demand. The IM Power Contract Group also include all supply and distribution pipelines as a complete package. IM Power is working on the development of the water supply, wastewater projects, water treatment facility and desalination projects in Asia and Middle East. 

Power and Mining

According to the International Energy Agency mining alone accounts for around 10% of the world’s energy consumption. This does not include energy consumed in processing and refining ore, materials transport and indirect costs such as manufacture of mining equipment. IM Power can provide a combination of energy plant and transmission lines to achieve reductions in the cost of energy. The rising prices of diesel and oil have forced the mining industry to opt for the other energy sources such as domestic gas or LNG and sustainable energy. Mining companies can reduce capex by partnership with an IPP company.

IMpower Integrated Power and Mining
IM Power -Integrated Power and Metal Refining

Power and Metal Refining

Smelters and metal refiners require a continuous supply of reliable energy, where a failure to supply can be catastrophic for example, in aluminium production energy is used to operate arc furnaces where any reduction in the energy will cause the metal to ‘freeze’. The only solution is to have very reliable supply of energy with secondary supplies continuously available.  As a result, the metal industry requires both substantial sources of energy but also sources that are super reliable. IM Power Contract group can provide energy plant and transmission lines with enhanced redundancy to ensure long term reliability for smelting and processing for copper, aluminium, steel and gold refining.

Power and Manufacturing 

For manufacturing plants, the issue is growth in the energy supply matching the increasing demand for production. The energy supply can also change as the work start and stops. In many cases however, industrial growth is limited by the lack of energy which leads to a reduction in growth and the availability of jobs. Job creation is directly linked to the volume of textiles being produced which in turn is totally dependent on energy being available to operate the plants. IM Power provides small scale power solutions up to 50 MW to cover the needs of an industrial park.

IM Power- Integrated Power and Manufacturing
IM Power - Integrated Power and Oil Refineries

Power and Oil Refineries

IM Power Contract Group can provide replacement of power generation units together with upgrades of specific units to increase output or change the product mix. Installation of the power generation units is planned at the same time as changes in refinery units to improve overall oil refinery efficiency and reduction in operating cost. IM Power Contract Group also provide new integrated energy and modular refineries with crude oil capacity of up to 4 million tonnes per year as a package.