Social & Economic Development

We play an active role in the development of the communities where we operate, creating value for society beyond our direct economic impact by supporting enterprise development with facilities such as schools, healthcare, water supplies and roads.

IM Power is seeking to become a long-term investor in the economies where we operate. The investments are made in accordance with the company’s policy on development which is designed to promote sustainable economic outcomes for the benefit of the local communities and the company’s shareholders.

We bring economic benefits to the countries where we work by employing people, buying local goods and services, and investing in infrastructure.

With the aim of creating sustainable, self-sufficient communities, our team implements a broad range of capacity-building programs, both social and economic, that promote diverse participation, local responsibility, and skill development.

We believe this is accomplished by educating individuals and providing mentoring to local schools and institutions. The goals of our social development initiatives are sustainability, independence and self-sufficiency.

IM Power offers creative economic development programs that give communities a chance to receive training, earn income and launch new local businesses.

The power plant operation will act as an economic driver for the development of the region. This is due to the availability of energy to simulate new business which in turn generates more employment opportunities.

As part of the social contract with the local community IM Power will also facilitate local business to provide goods and services to support the power plant operation.

For example, in cold climate countries we use waste heat from the power plant to provide heat to green houses built on the same site to grow vegetables for the local market. This business opportunity is aimed to create jobs for women.

Secondary business that require energy and clean water can also be accommodated in the same location to provide employment. These can include business for the bagging and distribution of animal feed from the conversion of carbon from the exhaust gases and building materials from the capture of waste ash.

To ensure sustainable social and ecological development, the United Nations has defined

17 goals (Sustainable Development Goals).

We use these goals as the guide for our corporate development policy.

Community Engagement: We strive to have a positive impact on the communities in which we live and operate. We work with local and national educational institutions to provide training programmes. We support and encourage our employees to actively participate in community development.

Training and Education: We offer a variety of training and employment opportunities to help with the economic development of the communities. Our projects are designed to build local capacity whether through knowledge sharing or skills training. IM Power provides education facilities and training of locally recruited staff to operate and maintain the power plants.

Partnerships: A successful development agenda requires inclusive partnerships built upon principles and values, and upon a shared vision and shared goals placing people and the planet at the centre.