Waste to Energy

IM Power's offering to the waste to energy market consists of a package of equipment and investment to provide a total solution to the problem of waste disposal. The package of equipment deals with the reception, sorting and processing of municipal waste as delivered by council or private contractors.

Stages of the Process

First pass sorting to recover

A) glass

B) metal

C) light/ medium weight plastic

All bundled separately and recycled to be re-processed

IM Power - home parallax

Second pass sorting to recover

A) food waste

B) wood

C) textiles

D) heavy grade plastic

This materiel can then be either incinerated or turned into compost depending on the time of year.


All exhaust gasses are passed to a carbon capture unit that will convert CO2 to animal feed.

This system also removes NOX and SOX emissions.


The system consists of steam boiler/ turbine generator typically in a range up to 100 MW.


Food waste passed to compost and bagging unit.